Special ty Bags

The Kemp USA Intubation Bag is designed specifically to help organize supplies required to do a successful intubation in the field. It has enough space to hold ET tubes, a full set of airways and laryngoscope with its blades. This EMS Intubation Bag is equipped with numerous elastic loops of varying sizes and lengths for tape storage with easy organization and quick access for all your supplies. The black nylon webbing handles are strong and durable; they have the ability to withstand large forces of pressure. This intubation bag is equipped with two large hook and loop strips on the back to make attaching and transporting the Intubation Bag easy and convenient. INTUBATION BAG Item # 10-116-ROY Easy organization and quick access to a vareity of all necessary medications. Clear and durable pockets allow for easy viewing of contents. Reflective front and back panels, interior hook and loop as well as the zippers. EMS DRUG POUCH Item # 10-128 The Kemp USA Firefighter Gear Bag is an over-sized bag designed specifi cally to hold all of the gear and equipment that a firefighter needs. The Firefighter Gear Bag is made of durable water-resistant nylon for durability and features highly visible reflective trim. The large main compartment is large enough to fit all of your turnout gear, with two large exterior zippered pockets and three exterior pouches to hold additional items such as extra clothes, radios, flashlights, etc. A removable, adjustable carry strap is included for more carrying options. Maltese Cross logo on the front. FIREFIGHTER GEAR BAG Item # 10-123-Red Nylon bag with fast-stick closures for your fire or first aid blanket storage. Highly visible and printed with "Fire Fire Aid Blanket" for quick identification. Essential for first aid rooms, areas where stretchers are stored and in emer gency/rescue vehicles. This blanket bag is easily accessible, lightweight and wall mountable. Blanket sold separately. KEMP USA FIRST AID / FIRE BLANKET Item # 10-127 Color: Blue Dimensions : 14” x 11” x 3” Shipping : 13” x 11” x 3” Weight : 2 lbs The Kemp USA drug pouch is a smaller sized EMS bag that is used to hold and secure a large variety of oral and IV medications and tools for basic to advanced medical care. Color: Red Dimensions : 10” x 8” x 5” Shipping : 8.5” x 11” x 6” Weight : 2 lbs Color: Red Dimensions : 26” x 18” x 33” Shipping : 15” x 18” x 6” Weight : 6 lbs

Top view of bag.

Bag with 80% Wool Blanket Item # 10-127-BLA Color: Orange Dimensions : 17” x 12.5” x 4.5” Shipping : 10” x 3” x 7” Weight : 1 lb (6 lbs w/ blanket)

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