Medical Supply Packs are made for Emergency Personnel Bags. They include essential medical supplies and equipment for emergency situations. They can be purchased with a Kemp USA EMS bag or as a separate supply pack. Supply Pack contents vary in quantities or specific first aid instruments and each supply pack has a recommended EMS Bag. See itemized lists on pages 19-22. Medical Supply Packs

Medical Supply Pack H See full itemized list on page 22

Oxygen Regulator

D Cylinder Tank

Digital Thermometer

Burn Sheet

Surgical Masks

Nasal Cannulas Tubing

Ambu BVM

Gauze Pads & Bandages

Mylar Blankets

Burn Spray Eye Wash Sterile Water

CPR Mask

Perfit Ace Adjustable C-Collar

Oral Airways 6pk Lifesaver Hammer

Nitrile Gloves


Sphygmoman ometer

Kemp USA Splint

Towlettes & Prep Wipes

Self-adherent Bandages

CAT Tourniquet

Glucose Gel

Ammonia Inhalants, Antibiotic Ointment, Burn Gel

Vent Chest Seal

Scissors, Forceps, Shears & Tweezers

Hot & Cold Packs


Pulse Oximeter Penlight w/ Pupil Guage

First Responder Bag Item# 10-108-ORG filled with Medical Supply Pack A.

Large Trauma Bag Item# 10-104-RED-PRE filled with Medical Supply Pack D.

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