Dear Customer, Kemp USA is recognized in the EMS, Lifeguard, and Swimming industry for our exceptional customer service and high quality safety products. Our company began manufacturing 14 years ago, catering to dealers and distributors. Over that short time, guided improvements on our superior products have evolved and expanded the Kemp USA brand - thanks to you, our customer. By responding to your changing wants and needs, we’ve been able to offer only the best products that really work for you. The team here at Kemp USA is comitted to our dealers and distributors, always striving to go above and beyond industry standard expectations. At Kemp USA, we are always looking for ways to streamline order processing, fulfillment, and efficient shipping methods. We are EDI compliant and have deep discounted shipping rates with our carriers.

Eddie H. Gulbenkian, III *OPLM ,_LJ\[P]L 6ɉJLY Kemp USA Kemp USA Headquarters Charlotte, NC,USA


Over 50,000 square feet of inventory in stock and ready to ship.

www.AmericanLifeguard.Net / sales@AmericanLifeguard.Net / 800-445-USA1 (8721)


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