KEMP USA ADULT 18" SPINEBOARD The Kemp USA AB Spineboard is an economical yet extremely strong board. The shell of the board is heavy duty and is x-ray translucent. The board comes with 21 hand holds and 8 pins for your strapping needs. The spineboard is waterproof and excellent for water rescue. The weight capacity of this board is 700lbs. It’s made of durable polyethylene and filled with high density foam for excellent buoyancy. Large volume, pallet quantities are available to ship.

Orange Item # 10-993-ORG Red Item # 10-993-RED Royal Blue Item # 10-993-ROY Yellow Item # 10-993-YEL White Item # 10-993-WHI Dimensions: 17.75” x 72.75” x 2.5” Shipping : 19” x 74” x 3” Weight : 19 lbs

Durable polyethylene Large handholds Pins for strapping

Mounting Bracket for spineboard storage available on page 36.

MCI MASS CASUALTY BOARD - NO FOAM Manufactured with mass casualty situations in mind, although it can be used in everyday emergency situations as well. Strong, yet economical choice, similar to our 10-993 spineboard. Comes with 10 pins for strapping and 21 large hand holes to make carrying easy.

Blue Item # 10-998-BLU Yellow Item # 10-998-YEL Dimensions: 18” x 72” x 3” Shipping : 19” x 74” x 3” Weight : 21 lbs

Not recommended for water usage.


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