Spineboards & St retchers


KEMP USA FOLDING SPINEBOARD This space-saving Kemp USA Folding Spineboard is ideal for search and rescue. It does not reflect extreme temperatures therefore, the patient is always comfortable. Made of durable high-density polyethylene. Easy to clean and disinfect. Item # 10-995-ORG Color: Orange Dimensions : 72” x 19.5” x 1.5” Shipping : 6.5” x 22” x 39” Weight : 20 lbs

KEMP USA USA PEDIATRIC SPINEBOARD The Kemp USA Pediatric spineboard is 100% X-Ray Translucent. A pediatric spine board is extremely important when transporting children. This spineboard is ideal for youth camps and schools. Sized specifically for safe, effective transport of children. Item # 10-996-ORG Color: Orange Dimensions : 43.5” x 14.75” x 2.5” Shipping : 54” x 15” x 3” Weight : 11 lbs KEMP USA FOLDING POLE STRETCHER Kemp USA orange folding pole stretcher is a lightweight, more compact alternative to a traditional stretcher. Compact, foldable stretcher that is a versatile option in a wide range of emergency situations. Frequently used for fast and safe patient removal and transport in hospitals, sports fields, gymnasiums, ambulance, and battlefields. Can be folded together both lengthwise and crosswise to fit into minimum storage space. Weight capacity is 350 lbs. Item # 10-991-ORG Color: Orange Dimensions : 85” x 21” x 6” Shipping : 42” x 8” x 4” Weight : 12 lbs



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